A Day in the Life of an HVAC Technician at Energy Services

Morning Routine

My day starts early, around 7 AM, as I prepare for the tasks ahead. As an HVAC technician for Energy Services, my primary responsibilities include furnace service, furnace repair, heating repair, heating service, and heater installation in the western suburbs of Chicago, including Naperville, Aurora, Geneva, St. Charles, Wheaton, and Glen Ellyn.

After a quick breakfast, I gather my tools and load up the company van with the necessary equipment. I check my schedule for the day and plan my route accordingly.

First Appointment: Furnace Maintenance

My first appointment is a routine furnace service at a residential property in Naperville. Upon arrival, I greet the homeowner and begin the inspection process:

  • Check the air filter and replace it if necessary
  • Clean the burners and heat exchangers
  • Test the safety controls and thermostats
  • Inspect the ductwork for any leaks or obstructions

After a thorough inspection and tune-up, I ensure the furnace is running efficiently and provide the homeowner with any recommendations or advice on proper maintenance.

Second Appointment: Heating Repair

My next stop is in Aurora, where a customer has reported issues with their heating system. Upon arrival, I troubleshoot the problem and identify a faulty thermostat as the culprit. I explain the issue to the homeowner and proceed with the necessary repairs.

Lunch Break

Around noon, I take a well-deserved lunch break. During this time, I review any pending service requests and plan the rest of my day accordingly.

Third Appointment: Heater Installation

In the afternoon, I head to a new construction site in Geneva for a heater installation. This job requires careful planning and coordination with the contractors on site. After ensuring the proper ductwork and electrical connections are in place, I proceed with the installation of the new high-efficiency furnace.

Final Appointment: Emergency Heating Service

My last appointment of the day is an emergency heating service call in Wheaton. The homeowner reported their furnace had stopped working, leaving them without heat. I arrive promptly and diagnose the issue as a faulty ignition system. With the homeowner’s approval, I proceed with the necessary repairs to restore heat to their home.

End of the Day

As the day winds down, I complete my paperwork, update the customer records, and prepare for the next day’s schedule. Being an HVAC technician at Energy Services is a rewarding and challenging job, but knowing that I’ve helped countless homeowners stay comfortable and safe in their homes makes it all worthwhile.