A Lighter Look at Heating Repairs in Arizona

In sunny Arizona, heating repairs might seem as redundant as bringing a snowplow to the Sahara Desert. However, when the desert night falls and the chill sets in, the good folks of Tucson, Amphi, Catalina, Tortolita, Flowing Wells, and Catalina Foothills, AZ know that having a steady source of warmth is no laughing matter

Heating Issues: Funny Till It’s Not!

True story: One chap’s furnace replacement in Amphi was prematurely triggered by his cat, Fluffy, who found a way to wallow in the furnace’s cozy warmth. Needless to say, it was not the kind of home spa Fluffy imagined, nor the furnace repair his human wanted!

The heater installation went like a dream after that — maybe too well…because it wouldn’t stop. The human woke up one morning to find his house had turned into a desert mirage, with all the heat radiating from within. As humorous as these situations may seem, it’s times like these when you want a trusted, local heating service to make things right again after the laughter has died down. Heating isn’t a joke in Arizona- especially not when Fluffy starts eyeing the furnace!