Diary of a Maglish Plumbing Heating and Electric Specialist

8:00 AM – Office Briefing

The day starts with a team huddle where we discuss the pending HVAC installation jobs in the Merriville area. As the summer heat intensifies, many homeowners are seeking to upgrade their air conditioning systems for optimal comfort and energy efficiency.

9:30 AM – First Job Site

  • Our first stop is a residential property where the clients have requested a new central air conditioning installation.
  • We inspect the existing ductwork, measure the square footage, and evaluate the home’s insulation to ensure we recommend the right sized unit.
  • After discussing various options with the homeowners, we provide a detailed quote and timeline for the project.

12:00 PM – Lunch Break

A well-deserved break to recharge and discuss the day’s progress with the team over a quick lunch.

1:30 PM – Commercial HVAC Maintenance

  • In the afternoon, we visit a local office building for HVAC system maintenance.
  • Our technicians meticulously clean and inspect the units, change filters, and ensure proper airflow.
  • Preventive maintenance is crucial to prolonging the lifespan of HVAC systems and maintaining indoor air quality.

4:00 PM – Consultation and Estimate

The final stop of the day is a consultation with potential clients interested in exploring air conditioning replacement options. We assess their current setup, discuss their needs, and provide a detailed estimate for consideration.

6:00 PM – Day’s Wrap-Up

Back at the office, we log all job details, schedule follow-ups, and prepare for the next day’s challenges. Being part of the Maglish team means delivering top-notch HVAC solutions while prioritizing customer satisfaction.