Your Trusted HVAC Company: East Coast Mechanical

Nestled in the heart of New England, East Coast Mechanical has established itself as a premier HVAC service provider in Wallingford, Southington, Waterbury, Meriden, and Hamden, CT. With a heritage rooted in dedication and improvement, our team aims to provide unrivaled AC and HVAC services.

A residence or business without a fully functioning AC system can be, to be blunt, an uncomfortable experience, especially during hot summer months. As a result, our AC Service in Wallingford and Southington, CT, provides extensive support, from routine maintenance to complete overhauls, ensuring your living or working environment stays comfy and cool all year round.

Sometimes, an AC unit may encounter severe issues that go beyond maintenance. That’s where our AC Repair team in Waterbury and Meriden, CT step in with efficient, timely services equipped to handle all sorts of malfunctions and damages. We strive always to return your home or business to a state of comfort as quickly as possible.

Apart from these, we’re an AC company located in Hamden, CT known for installing high-performing and cost-efficient AC systems. Our team, with years of training and experience, integrates cutting-edge technology with professional expertise in all our AC installation services.

HVAC services, meanwhile, round out our offerings. As a top HVAC Company, our team is prepared to regulate your system’s heating, ventilation, air conditioning and handle all their related issues.

Additionally, East Coast Mechanical strives to establish meaningful relationships with all clients by offering only the best HVAC maintenance, repair, and installation services. So, whether you’re shivering in a cold snap or sweating in a heatwave, remember, East Coast Mechanical has you covered.